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Ecological tourism center 'Baikal-Ecо'

Office: Irkutsk, Nekrasova str., 10B
Phone/Fax: +7 (3952) 20-11-75,
Phone: +7 (3952) 34-16-17; 914-912, 676-073


Route: Irkutsk city – Maloe sea gulf – Olkhon Island – Irkutsk city - Slyudyanka town – Kultushnaya tourist’s center – Gremyachinsk village – Ust-Barguzin village – Svyatoi Nose peninsula – Goryachinsk resort – Kotokelskoe lake - Arshan resort – Irkutsk city
Tour type: off-road autotour.
Distance: about 2000 km.
Time of the year: summer.
Duration: 14 days/13 nights.


1st day:
     Arriving to Irkutsk city. Meeting at 10.00. Going to Baikal to the warm gulfs of Maloe sea (Small sea). Stopping near Obo (sacred place), visiting petroglyphics, visiting buryat village Ust-Anga and climbing at Shebite peak (tracking for about 2 hours). Lunch on the way (traditional buryat cuisine). Accomodation at the tourist's base. Short excursion to an ancient settlement of Kuerkans and a settlement of primitive man. Take a look at surrounding bays. You can rise to the air view spot. Beautiful view to Baikal and Tazheranskaya steppe is opened from it top. Dinner at the toursit's base.
Optional: meeting with local shaman, dedication to shaman’s rituals.

2d day:
     Breakfast. Traveling along Tazheranskaya steppe over holy place “Valley of sleeping ghosts” to “Mechta” (Dream) cave (visiting the cave at will). Here you can come down to a small Orso bay or climb at the air view peak “Tanhan”. Lunch (dry rations). Coming back to the base. Dinner.
     Optional: walking by motor-boat along Baikal.

3d day:
     Early breakfast. Ferry to Olkhon island. Going to Khuzhir village (distance 40 km). Accomodation and lunch in the tourist’s center. Photosession - walking to Shamanka cape. (It means “White rock”. This is visiting card of Baikal). Visiting famous Olkhon’s beaches, local regional museum with collection of ancient household goods reflecting life and culture of islanders. Dinner. Tasting Baikal fishes (omul, white-fish, grayling). Sauna.
Optional: ride bicycles, horses.

4th day:

     Breakfast. Jeep-excursion to the north end of Olkhon island (about 60 km). Walking in picturesque places: Sagan-Khushin (Three brothers) rock, Peschanaya bay (where GULAG camp was located) with "stilt" trees and sandy dunes; short tracking to the end of island Khoboi cape (here you can see nerpas if you will lucky). Lunch in the Uzury village. Omul fish-soup. Coming back to the tourist’s base. Dinner.

5th day:
Breakfast. Coming back to Irkutsk. Lunch on the way. Accomodation in the hotel. Walking to the historical center of the city in the evening. Dinner.

6th day:
     Breakfast in the hotel. Traveling to Posolskyi Sor gulf. On the way vising museum of minerals “Semi-precious stones of Baikal” in Slyudyanka, walking to Tyoplye (Warm) lakes - amazing place in foothills of Hamar-Daban mountains where relic subtropical plants were kept. Stops along the route (Kultuk village, Slyudyanka town, Baikalsk town). Accomodation in the Kultushnaya tourist’s center. Dinner. Evening fishing is possible.

7th day:
     Breakfast. Traveling to the biggest gulf of Baikal – Burguzinskyi gulf. Stops and relaxation on sandy and pebble beaches, hot springs, taiga lakes are on the way. Visiting Spaso-Preobrazhenskyi monastery. Accomodation in the guest house in Ust-Barguzin village. Dinner.

8th day: 
     Breakfast in the guesthouse. Taking ferry over Barguzin river. Country road goes along sandy isthmus of Svyatoi Nose peninsula where Arangutai lake is located. It is famous for a quntity of migrant birds. Accomodation in the camping tents or fisherman's house in the end of isthmus on sandy beach. Dinner. Evening fire.

9th day:
    This day is for fishing-fancy. Chivyrkuiskyi gulf is favourite habit of omul, grayling, pike, white-fish, baikal sturgeon and other species of fish. The others will climb at the air view peak of peninsula. Beautiful views of Baikal spaces, vast sandy beaches, bays and Barguzin mountains are opened from it. Coming back to the camp and free time for bathing and relaxation. Dinner in the evening.

10th day:
     Breakfast. Going to the fisherman's village Monakhovo. Water excursion along Chivyrkuiskyi gulf - one of the most picturesque place of Baikal. Lunch on the motor-boat. Relaxation and bathing in the hot spring "Zmeinaya" (Snake). Accomodation in the tents on the shore of Chivyrkuiskyi gulf. Fishing.
Optional: visiting nerpas breeding-ground at Ushkanyi islands.

11th day:
    Breakfast. Going out Svyatoi Nos peninsula. Traveling to taiga lake Kotokel. Excursion to ecological park-museum "Svetlaya polyana" (Light glade) in Maximiha village. Visiting Gremyachinsk and Goryachinsk resorts. Resort in Goryachinsk village is first balneal health resort of Buryatia on Baikal. It was founded in 1751 on the nitric-siliceous spring on the shore of Kotokel lake. Its temperature is +54 degrees C. There is sapropelic mud. You can take hot mud-bath. Accomodation in the Goryachinsk in the private hotel. Dinner.

12th day:
Breakfast. Traveling to Tunkinskaya valley to foothills of Sayany mountains to Arshan village. It is famous for its mineral springs. Lunch on the way. Accomodatoin in the hotel. Dinner.

13th day:
Breakfast. Walking along Arshan. In program: visiting mineral springs, tracking to waterfalls in mountain coomb of Kyngarga river. It is possible to climb at air view spot "Gora lyubvi" (Love peak). Lunch in a cafe. Coming back to the hotel. Dinner.

14th day:
Breakfast. Visiting Arshan Dacan temple. Coming back to Irkutsk. Lunch on the way. Accomodation in the hotel.

Dacan temple in Arshan

Along Tazheranskaya steppe by jeeps.

Foothills of East Sayan mountains.

copperhead snake

Barguzinskyi gulf

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Price for off-road tour (going by off-road cars):
- group of   8 -13 persons: 43500 rub

- group of 5 - 7 persons: 50500 rub

- group of  3 - 4 persons:  65400  rub

- group of 2 persons: .100600 rub

- meeting/send-off in the airport (railway station);  
- accommodation;
- three meals a day;
- transport;     
- excursions and museums, visiting Pribaikalskyi, Zabaikalskyi and Tunkinskyi national parks, visiting mineral springs;  
- guide and attendant staff;
- accidents insurance.

Price for off-road tour (going by all-wheel drive microbus ):
- group of  8 - 13 persons: 38400 rub

- group of 5 - 7 persons: 48300 rub

- group of  3 - 4 persons: 61000  rub

Not included:            
- program indicated "optional";  
- insurance against tick-borne encephalitis;
- accomodation in a single-room.

Price off-road tour (VIP):                            

- group of 5 -7 persons: 77750 rub

- group of  3 - 4 persons:  76300 rub
- group of 2 persons: 128350 rub



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